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XML Data Conversion

Using XML as a document representation format is of great benefit, and applies across many industries.

e-Celtic has vast experience in providing XML Conversion. Converting your documents to XML not only gives you the ability to publish documents to the Web, print, CD-ROM, and to handheld devices, but also brings real cost savings.

As the leading data entry service provider in Ireland, we offer cost effective, quick and accurate XML conversion solutions. The XML conversion process can be complex and tedious, requiring cumbersome tagging processes. The major barriers in XML conversion are the time and expense required to convert the existing data to XML format. However the skilled and experienced XML professionals at e-Celtic are well versed to overcome these challenges.

Our experienced team use advanced, programmatic, content analysis and transformation tools to deliver accurate, fast and re-usable XML conversion solutions at lower costs.

Irrespective of the current data format, e-Celtic offers XML conversion at great value to the client.

XML conversion services:

– Text to XML


– PDF to XML

– Word to XML

– Excel to XML

e-Celtic specializes in the implementation and management of high-volume, complex projects for XML conversion in a wide range of input and output formats. Please contact us with your requirements.

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