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Website Development

Website development offers you a complete solution to put a professional website for online business. e-Celtic work directly with companies who are looking to maximize the potential from their online presence. Despite the rising importance of social media, websites still remain a much undervalued resource by companies. A good website can draw in a potential client, convert the prospect to a customer either directly or indirectly, build loyalty of the customer and win business through the converted customers’ referrals.

At e-Celtic we have our finger on the pulse of the web and are particularly focused on developing websites that are aimed at increasing online sales directly or indirectly or have complex requirements enabling automation of business processes.

e-Celtic uses a cross discipline team across usability, SEO, design, marketing, developers, operations to give a holistic site that helps achieve the business goals of your organization.


  • Compact, simple & fastest in any network
  • Minimum downloading time through any browser
  • Cross browser support
  • Easy and well structured navigation
  • Secured and password protected sections
  • Hierarchical access on web site objects
  • Web site Promotion
  • Efficient content management of the site

Web site promotion is a collection of techniques which promote your web site so that it will appear at the top of the listings of a search engine results page for your chosen keywords. As a result it will reach a greater audience and consequently provide more coverage for your business. We can advise on the necessary techniques and strategies needed to achieve this.

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