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Today, any organization can easily get a text file out of a printed document with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This software can easily convert the scanned documents into editable text files. You just need to alter the text file into word file, change the format and upload it; OCR can directly load your scanned document into word file. However, one must remember OCR cannot convert the hand written pages. If your scanner is OCR embedded then you can scan the documents and edit the unrecognized characters or other changes, if needed.

Imagine a situation when you are required to upload hundreds of pages in your business website. If you try to encode the entire thing manually, be prepared to devote several weeks to this task. Alternatively, if you are able to scan documents and directly convert the resultant files into text files, you would be saving the time and effort of your employees. Thankfully, this can be done with the help of Optical Character Recognition software. The conversion of scanned documents into text files with the help of document capture solutions takes hardly few seconds.

Interestingly, your scanned digital documents can also get converted into PDF files. Any business entrepreneur would know that it becomes relatively tricky to handle hard copy of copious documents. Whereas digital documents, as evident, does not take any space at all. With the help of scanning solutions, organizations can get rid of warehouses containing heaps of paper documents and use them for other functional tasks. A good imaging company like eCeltic can convert your stacks of documents into digital format in a short time, eliminating the need to rent an official warehouse every year.

Business processes that depend on paper files are not eco-friendly since it leads to usage and wastage of lots of paper. And nothing can be done to avoid it when the major mode of communication is paper in a company. This is why it is recommended to take an environmental-friendly route and get all the official documents scanned and stored in company’s server, instead of printing out numerous copies of a document or handwritten page. These days most business companies around the world are taking initiatives to contribute to the environment by going paper less.

Also, when paper is medium of storing important information, it may get unknowingly edited or lost while passing through the hands of staff on a regular basis. OCR software makes your work process stress-free by converting paper files into editable digital files that can be searched and/or updated with few clicks on your mouse. This facilitates the working of your workforce quickly and efficiently. eCeltic has over 12 years experience in imaging and scanning fragile documents through advancement technologies. Our scanning professionals will ensure a quality check at every stage so that the end result is seamless.

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