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Document Type Conversion

e-Celtic is backed by industry experts and professionals along with advanced technology and so is highly equipped to handle large scale and complex projects related to document conversion. We are the first choice for organizations when it comes to document conversion services. Our service encompasses the extracting, collecting, re-organizing and re-structuring of data, through the application of the latest evolving technologies.

With immense experience in the document conversion arena, e-Celtic is the ultimate destination for the accurate conversion of documents at an economical rate. We boast of the latest technological equipments and processes to perform high quality scanning of files and coded data based on any industry standards.

We provide conversion of JPEG, TIFF, PDF, DCX and TXT and others into formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PDF, MSG, HTML, RTF, PST.

We are capable of handling large and complex projects with quick turnaround time and excellent output. In recent years we have been dealing with high level digital conversion projects for a number of organizations.

Our success lies in implementation of the document conversions with a desired objective so that we could easily handle large sized projects. Client advice and consultation is essential, and it is expected that the client will have a preference for the desired output. We initiate our document conversion process through an inventory log of files, whether we are dealing with the conversion of one file or thousand of files.

Our Document conversion project includes the following procedures:

  • Review of the sample document
  • Prepare specifications based on your requirements
  • Prepare samples for review
  • Refine the samples to a mutually agreed output
  • Develop in-house tools for automation at various levels
  • Start production
  • Deliver converted documents

e-Celtic’s success lies in constant quality control and monitoring during the whole conversion process. Image defects can be easily tracked through our random checking process. Even an error in image conversion can lead to de-skewing or de-speckling.

Documents are collected by us either through e-mail, FTP or simply by post. In case the raw documents are stored on large paper, we can collect it by moving to the client’s location. After the work is done, the final output is handed over according to the client’s choice of media. We can put the whole data on a CD/DVD to facilitate our clients more, but we can also put it on any medium for the convenience of the client. So we have the entire range of solutions for all your document conversion needs. Just call us or contact us and get a free analysis of document conversion project.

So we have the entire range of solution for all your document conversion needs. Just call us or contact us and get a free analysis of document conversion project.


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