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Document Management Software (DMS):

Manage your documents with online DMS

e-Celtic is offering you the most easiest way to manage your documents. e-Celticdocs,the document management software provided by us is a flexible modification model. Delivered in Software as a Service (SaaS) model, it enables us to offer the most adjustable model that is provided till date. due to the feature of SaaS which is opposed to one time software license fees, we can offer you the most flexibility in terms of subscription, number of users and pricing. Our DMS is suitable both for the small and mid-sized companies who always look for affordable and advanced technology and also infrastructure.

Our online document management software can be used by all forms of businesses, manufacturing industries, law firms, hospitals, research institutions, non-profit organizations etc. In fact these systems are so versatile that they can be used by almost every organization.

There is a general misconception that document management software is only for big businesses, which is absolutely wrong. These systems can greatly benefit small business houses as well as large companies by reducing cost, avoiding time overruns, increased efficiency and greater control over information.

e-CelticDocs is a scalable information portal to improve management of employees, suppliers and customers through online document management. It is newly launched with the aim of giving you more control over your organization’s information and improving its efficiency. You can now have all your documents available on a 24/7 basis with professional product support year round. e-CelticDocs can be accessed by authorized users from any location with an Internet connection.

It can contain any documents you choose from your organization such as accounts, sales and marketing materials, project documentation, legal, HR records, etc. It is an essential tool for disaster recovery management and will be a significant help in business continuity planning should anything happen to your physical records. Simple search functionality offers instant retrieval of information you are looking for. e-CelticDocs can have add-on features such as barcode readability, electronic signatures, Zone OCR, integration with other applications, and much more. e-CelticDocs is an environmentally friendly option helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce printing costs.

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