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Data Entry Process

When you think quality, think e-Celtic! The success of e-Celtic lies in constant support to all our esteemed clients, during the data entry process. We provide excellent support to all clients from various parts of the world. Accuracy is what we believe in when it comes to data entry services for we can reach an accuracy level of 99.995% in some cases. This is possible only through our dedicated and skilled professionals who are well accustomed maintaining accuracy while dealing with time target projects. We have the process of rewarding our staff based on performance outcomes of the project. We believe in constant innovation, so we use best available technology to bring out the best. We use high speed scanners and data processors to complement our talented team of data entry operators. We employ ultimate OCR and ICR software in the industry. e-Celtic with its state-of-the-art technology have the ability to adapt any situation so that clients can benefit out of it. Our data entry operations ensure increased savings both on time and money. Basically the whole process of data entry is segmented into six unique steps, right from getting requirements from clients to final delivery of the project. After deal is settled, the whole data entry job is divided into batches with each batch having the specified instruction sheet. In the process, two data entry operators access data in different files to produce the output. The outputs named X and Y is then passed through software to check for any discrepancies. If there is any inconsistency or character mismatch among the two files, data entry operators return back and correct the errors. The comparison is done to generate two output files, named say P &Q. These files are again checked for accuracy to generate another file known as R. Then auditing is done for the file R, to check whether the desired level of accuracy is indeed achieved. If all is perfect, confirmation is given after which the file is dispatched to clients according to desired format preference by the client. From above, it’s evident that we provide a thorough analysis for all the data entry work done by our team and provide a time bound solution. e-Celtic is your complete data entry solutions partner, get in touch for a consultation or quotation.

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