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Data Entry Pricing

e-Celtic: Data entry services at competitive prices

e-Celtic: All your data entry requirements at reasonable rates. Think of e-Celtic for all your data entry work at much lower cost and save immense money and time. e-Celtic helps businesses by reducing the operating cost and help concentrate more on core issues of the business. As data are arranged in a neat way, you can easily retrieve them and use it again and again. We are able to provide the best competitive price in market due to retention of staff, standardized processes and economies of scale. e-Celtic takes all factors into consideration when dealing with price structure of the client’s project. The pricing for a project depends on the client’s data entry work requirements like desired level of accuracy, turn around times, nature of data and others. e-Celtic provides true value services for our clients. Data Entry Pricing is based on the following: Volume of work order Frequency of work orders based on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports. Turn around time Accuracy level desired by the client. A representative sample of data is the basic requisite for fixing price structure of any project. We go for normal charges, in case the raw data are handed over to us neatly handwritten in English or typed or printed. Make sure you hand over best quality data to us, otherwise maintaining accuracy becomes cumbersome for us. We often do not accept poor quality data such as dark photocopies, much dark photocopies, pale photocopies or bad handwritten data. This is because poor quality of data can cause hindrance to our operations and slows it down. This may lead to increased charges. With our immense experience in the field of data entry, we have the ability to handle data entry work in French, German and Dutch languages. For further enquiries and quotation, give us a call.

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