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Data Entry Format

Data Entry Format e-Celtic is the ultimate name in data entry services and we maintain a “Universal Standard” while transferring data to different databases and customizing data-entry input output to meet client requirements. We provide a specific input-output delivery format for better convenience of our clients so that it’s easier for them to send and receive crucial data related information: Input format Data can be sent to us in different formats such as Word documents, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Print Documents, and Legacy Files. We have the ability to handle all standard formats. For clients looking forward to avail our services and outsource data entry can get the following data entry services such as: Online data Entry, Offline data entry, Manual data entry, Book entry, Image entry, Card entry, hand written entry and Legal document entry. The files can be sent to us via e-mail, FTP, ZIP file, TIFF file, RTF file, PDF file or CSV file. We also accept hard copies. For any sensitive and delicate data, our data entry team moves to the location and collect data from the client. We work on the source data and then hand it over in any format preferred by the client. If the clients have any data management needs involving proprietary format, then we assign the required number of professionals to fulfill the requirements. Output format We provide various types of data format according to needs of the client. Some of the formats available are:

Word format (doc)

Excel format (xls)

Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf)

Access Format (mdb)

Text Format (txt)

HTML Format


Binary or any other type you need The output or translated data can be provided in any of the following format:

3.5 inch diskette

Direct Modem Transfer (i.e.: Telix, Hyper Terminal)

CD-R or CD-W

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