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CAD File Conversion

    e-Celtic: for all your CAD conversion needs

    The benefits:
– An editable CAD file
– Cost savings from outsourcing
– Increased value of drawing
– Improved drawing management efficiency
– Time savings.

    e-Celtic provides high quality CAD Conversion and data entry services to global clients.

    e-Celtic has 8 years experience providing effective solutions for CAD conversion of drawings. We offer quality output, quick turn-around-time, and higher productivity at a competitive price for projects of all sizes.

    e-Celtic provides an immediate access to a highly skilled and reliable workforce who deliver CAD conversion services at international standards.

    When accuracy is of paramount importance our skilled staff can edit your drawings to precisely match with the dimensions or specifications provided.

    e-Celtic specializes in all types of conversions including various maps, architectural, mechanical, civil and engineering drawings, site and subdivision plans etc. We can produce files in any CAD and GIS format including AutoCAD (DWG, DXF, MicroStation (DGN), ArcView (SHP), and ArcInfo (Coverage).

    e-Celtic’s CAD Conversion Service ensures:

– Careful control on the type of entities used in the drawing

– Output to MicroStation and AutoCAD formats

– Uniform layout for all drawings

– Use of standard cell (block) libraries, dimensioning styles, fonts, etc

– High drawing accuracy

– Element symbology and level (layer) assignment in accordance with your required standard

– Indexed database of files

Outsource your CAD conversion needs to e-Celtic for professional quality at a competitive price.

For a quotation or for more information, please get in touch with one of our sales team.

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