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Every business needs to handle and preserve their data efficiently for smooth execution of the business process. Data conversion is vital part of an organization that signifies improved business functioning and evolving with latest technological developments in the market.

One can define data conversion as the translation of data from one format to another. This can be done in various ways, for instance data stored in the old format can be translated to import in the new format. Data conversion process can be simple, or it can be complex in which a non relational data undergoes validation, cleansing, and splitting up into multiple tables to form a new relational database structure.

We are the best in the arena when it comes to data conversion services. We are expert in handling both offline and online data entry solutions for our clients. We possess the best resources ranging from experienced professionals and experts to the latest advanced technologies to take care of all data conversion needs of our client. Our high speed scanners and data processors ensure faster delivery of services to our esteemed clients. Apart from conversion of files, your formatting needs are accomplished through multi-level process.

For providing greatest throughput to the clients, we are into constant research and innovation to make data conversion process quicker and reliable. It is this inherent nature which takes us ahead of others.

Currently we have the most advanced set up to take care of all complex data entry jobs. e-Celtic provides timely and cost-effective solution, and we help define all your conversion requirements along with conversion methods.

e-Celtic provides various data conversion services which can transform the source data into various formats like HTML, XML, SGML, and other structured formats.

Our data conversion solutions include:

Document conversion

XML conversion

SGML conversion

HTML conversion

CAD conversion

Catalog conversion

Book conversion

PDF conversion

Data conversion can be done into any of the following formats:
Excel worksheets

Mainframe data




Text files (ASCII, .csv etc.)

If you are with us for document conversion, we ensure that data is not redundant and thus fine tune your document conversion. Even we can prepare legacy documents for future needs along with metadata identification. Clients can select the output variables and monitor their storage types.

With e-Celtic you can ensure accurate data conversion from our experienced professionals who are there to serve you with dedication and devotion. Just Contact Us for all your data outsourcing and data conversion needs

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