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Data Entry

“Our skilled team provides high quality data entry service in Dublin with up to 99.95% accuracy. e-Celtic's data input centers operate on a 24x7 basis.” Readmore

Digital Archiving

“e-Celtic delivers a multitude of comprehensive and customized, high quality digital archiving solutions in Dublin to improve our clients’ effectiveness .” Readmore

Document Management

“e-Celtic’s production systems are housed in two off-site data centers - a primary site and a second backup site featuring 100% equipment redundancy.” Readmore

Quality Control

“We work to achieve the highest degree of accuracy possible using a variety of methods and tools depending on the project specifications.” Readmore

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Use our new Results PDFs feature to populate your PDF forms or generate new PDFs from your forms and results. Email, download, or simply view your Results PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, Reader, or any PDF viewer you choose.

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